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Sound Squash

Sound Squash

Learning Goals: Gross Motor, Phonological Awareness, Letter Recgonition, Letter-Sound Knowledge, Self-Regulation. 

  • This activity was inspired during the Fall season when designing games with small gourds that were in the classroom. 


    • Using a permanent marker, write letters on a small pumpkin, squash, or any Fall gourds you have in your classroom. 
    • In small groups, show students how to play the game. 
    • Have students sit in a circle and gently toss the squash to another student. If tossing isn't a good option, then students can close their eyes and pass to the person beside them. 
    • Once a student catches the squash (or opens their eyes after accepting it), they need to locate what letter their thumb is on. 
    • Instruct the student to read the letter aloud and say a word that starts with that letter before throwing to the next student.
    • Differentation: This game can be played with saying letter names, saying letter sounds, saying a word that starts with that letter, or all of the above! 
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