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Meet the Team

Current Members


Hanna Wickstrom

PhD, 2023, Developmental Psychology and Education

Meeting in the Middle: Teacher-Facilitation of Play and Math Learning in Contemporary Kindergarten

Betül Alaca

PhD, 2022, School and Clinical Child Psychology

The Role of Mosques in Promoting Well-being in Muslim Communities

Erica Danniels

PhD, 2022, Developmental Psychology and Education

Supporting the Inclusion of Children with Developmental Disabilities in Play-based Kindergarten

Past Members

Farah Ardekanian

Ashley Bigelow

Sarah Cheng

Alex Clark

Samara Gottesman

Olivia Gross

Fabienne Hargreaves

Alison Ho

Ulrica Jobe

Katie Kovacs

Lisa Lalonde

Marsha Marzouca

Alex Osborne

Katrina Palad

Daniel Poliszczuk

Jessica Prioletta

Renee Robertson

Lauren Rzepecki

Janani Selvachandran

Carly Silberberg

Theodora Tang

Christine Tewfik

Nikki Vanhaarlem

Bonnie Yuen

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