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shoes on pieces of paper on table and a bin of learning links in the middle of the table.

Shoe Measurement

Learning Goals: Measurment, Fine Motor Skills, One to One Correspondence, Comparison, Estimating

    • Place out paper and learning links on tables. Feel free subsitute with another material for a non-standard unit as well. 
    • Take off your own shoe and model using a pencil to trace around your shoe on a piece of paper. 
    • Have students make a guess on many learning links wide and long your shoe is. 
    • Decide where would be the most accurate place to measure on your traced shoe and show students how to line up the first learning link to your pencil line.
    • After you have measured the length and width, prompt students to use that information to make estimations about their own shoe.
    • Encourage students to take off a shoe and test out their estimations by tracing their own! 
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