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pumpkin seeds are on a table w/ a book titled "How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?, blank hundreds chart, and magnifying glasses

Seed Counting

Learning Goals: Fine Motor Skills, Number Sense, Self-Regulation, One-to-One Correspondence, Estimations, Subitizing

    • As a whole class, read the book "How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?" by Margaret McNamara. 
    • After reading, present a pumpkin and have students guess how many seeds are in that pumpkin. 
    • Once everyone has guessed, cut open the pumpkin and place the seeds in multiple bowls. 
      • If you don't want this to get too messy, then you can wash and dry seeds and return to this activity later. 
      • If you don't mind the mess, then this naturally leads into our "Sensory Seeds" activity before counting as well.  
    • Give each small group of students their own bowl that they are responsible for counting. 
    • Watch all the creative ways and systems that they come up with for counting the seeds. Let students use classroom materials if they choose. 
    • Once all groups are finished, come back as a class so students can share their total and tell others about the way they counted. 
      • In this activitiy, the accuracy of the final number isn't important but rather all the ways of counting and the self-regulation/teamwork building. 
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