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colourful beads are spread around a sheet of paper. three groups of beads are circle. there are dice and cards on the table.

Roll and Circle

Learning Goals: Number Sense, Math Skills, Subitizing, Turn-Taking, Spatial Reasoning, Measurement

    • Provide student with a handful of small loose parts (ex. beads, dried beans, macaroni pasta, buttons, etc.) and a blank sheet of paper. 
    • In pairs or small groups, have students put their paper on the table and spread out their small materials all over the sheet of paper. 
      • Note: You can put the paper down inside a shallow baking dish if you want to control the loose parts from going everywhere. 
    • Model rolling the dice and identifying the number you rolled.
    • Demonstrate how to find a group on the paper that matches the number you rolled and circle around it. 
    • Have one student in each pair start by doing the same. Encourage students to point and count aloud to confirm their circled group.  
    • After circling their group, the next student can roll and circle. Students can go back and forth until their are no loose parts left on their sheet! 
    • After students complete the acitivity, encourage them to get creative with new materials and new ways to play. Provide them with a fresh sheet of paper and see what they come up with!
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