Rhyming Words Match Up

Rhyming Words Match Up

Learning Goals: Literacy, Rhyming, Phonemic Awareness


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  • Students can play matching games with rhyming words. 


    • Set up all of the cards face down. Students can play in pairs or a small group. Each student takes a turn by turning two cards over and looking for a rhyming match (i.e., sun and bun). If they make a match they collect those two cards. If the cards do not match they flip them back over. The game ends when all the pairs have been matched.

    Find your match:

    • This variation can be played as a whole class. Give each student one rhyming card. Students spread themselves throughout the classroom and look at their card. They say their words aloud, trying to listen to find their peers that have a rhyming match. They form a group with all of their rhyming matches. You can then review all of the rhymes with the class.

    The box game:

    • Place one card from every rhyming family in a box ( ie. sun, tree, car, map, bag, cat, lip, dog, bed, sock, pig, box, map). The student picks a mystery word card from a box and searches to find words that rhyme from the rest of the cards that are face up on a table. This continues for each card until all the rhymes have been placed into their groups.
    • This game was prepared, set up and initiated by the educator for the children to play. 
    • The educator had predetermined the rules and outcome of this game, which was to build an understanding of rhyming words.