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Ramps Inquiry

Ramps Inquiry

Learning Goals: STEM, Inquiry, Design, Mutually-Directed Play, Spatial Sense, Properties, Force, Push/Pull

    • If the students enjoy blocks and cars during free play, extend their play by introducing the concept of ramps.
    • Provide students with blocks, 3D shapes, and toys cars for them to create and test their ramps.
    • Offer opportunities for students to incorporate academic expectations into their play by facilitating a knowledge building circle and by modeling the scientific method:
      • Knowledge Building Circle: Invite the students to contribute their theory and hypothesis to the inquiry question: “Which 3D shapes would roll down the ramp the fastest?” during a class discussion.
      • Scientific Method: Introduce students to the scientific method by suggesting they test different 3D shapes to see which rolls down the ramp fastest. Have students share their observations.
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