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Pumpkin Properties

Pumpkin Properties

Learning Goals: Seasons, Properties, Non-Standard Units of Measurement, Descriptive Writing, Comparison

    • During the Fall season, gather any unique looking pumpkins you can find. As a whole group, ask your students what they picture when they think of a pumpkin. 
    • Draw a picture matching their description and label it with descriptive words they have named. 
    • Reveal the unique pumpkins and encourage students to explore and play with them during the day.
    • At the end of the day, discuss all the ways that students explored the unique pumpkins. What surpised them? What was different about all the pumpkins? 

    Extension for the next day: 

    • Repeat the discussion from yesterday and ask students again what they picture when they think of a pumpkin.
    • Write down all their new pumpkin descriptive words. 
    • Bring in a traditional pumpkin and encourage comparative language to compare the traditional pumpkin with each unique pumpkin.
    • Leave all the pumpkins out again for students to explore/draw/write about. Follow your students' lead to see how you can extend this fun inquiry! 
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