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LEGO Setting

LEGO Setting

Learning Goals: Writing, Comprehension, Story Elements, Fine Motor Skills

    • After students are proficient in identifying the setting of classroom read-alouds, introduce the challenge of creating their own setting! 
    • With LEGO, have students design where they want their writing to take place. 
    • Encourage students to think about the details they want to write about. 
    • Once their LEGO setting is complete, take a picture and provide students with writing materials to write about their setting.
    • Set aside time for students to share their LEGO setting and writing piece with the class. 
    • If you want to show off the learning, display each writing piece in the classroom with a picture of their LEGO setting attached.


    Note: LEGO Settings can also be done by creating the setting of a read-aloud or working together to create a setting of a story that the class will write altogether! There are so many possibilities. 

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