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Exploring Shapes as a Veterinarian Assistant

Exploring Shapes as a Veterinarian Assistant

Learning Goals: Math, Geometry & Spatial Sense, Team Work


Thank you to Sarah Kelly for this wonderful idea!

    • Read Papillon Goes to the Vet by A.N. Kang.
    • At the back of the book there is a letter addressed to the Kindergarten Class that explains that some animals in their community have eaten shapes, and they are recruiting Kindergarten Veterinarian Assistants to help identify the number of shapes that each animal ate so that they can get surgery.
    • Students will be put in groups of 2-4 where they will be given a stuffie and an Xray. They will identify the shapes in the Xray and document this on paper.
    • To close the lesson students will gather on the carpet to show the shapes they found in their stuffie’s Xray.
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