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Doctor's Office

Doctor's Office

Learning Goals: Literacy, Writing, Writing Conventions, Inventive Spelling, Phonological Awareness

    • If students show interest in the human body, encourage students to create a doctor’s office in the dramatic play centre.
    • First, discuss the resources you need to create the doctor’s office and guide the discussion using prompting questions. Throughout the discussion, modelling writing down student ideas on an easel.

    • Next, provide students with the materials and resources to create the doctor’s office.

    • On an ongoing basis, discuss any changes or additions the class would like to make.

    • During play, students can take on various roles such as doctor, nurse, patient, and receptionist.

    • Educators can extend the play by introducing the idea of an x-ray machine and related materials. Students can learn how x-ray machines help patients and create their own x-rays throughout their play.

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