Doctor's Office

Doctor's Office

Learning Goals: Literacy, Writing, Writing Conventions, Inventive Spelling, Phonological Awareness

    • Based on student interest in the human body, the students in this class wanted to create a doctor’s office in their dramatic play centre.
    • First, the class discussed the resources they needed to create the doctor’s office and the educator guided this discussion using prompting questions. Throughout the discussion, the educator wrote down student ideas on an easel.

    • Next, the educator provided students with the materials and resources to create the doctor’s office.

    • On an ongoing basis, the class discussed any changes or additions to make.

    • During play, the students took on various roles such as doctor, nurse, patient, and receptionist.

    • The educator extended the play by introducing the idea of an x-ray machine. The students learned how x-ray machines help patients and created their own x-rays throughout their play.