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Apple Voting

Apple Voting

Learning Goals: One-to-One Correspondence, Estimations, Observations, Properties, Senses, Comparison, More/Less, Data Management

    • Bring in green, red, and yellow apples. As a class, talk about how they look different and how they look the same. 
    • Ask students whether they think they will taste different and which one will they like the taste of the best. 
    • Make a class hypothesis on which apple the class will like the most and which apple the least amount of people will like.
    • In small groups, cut up the three apples and have students try all three.
    • Once they have decided which is their favourite apple, have them fill in an "Apple Vote Ballot" by colouring an apple template with either red, green, or yellow (depending on how they want to vote). 
      • Students can then write their name on the ballot and put it in the voting box/hat/bin, etc. 
    • After all taste testing is done, take the votes out one-by-one and tally them up as a class. 
      • Use the coloured in apple ballots to make a pictograph to visually see the results. 
    • Discuss the findings and whether they line up with your class hypothesis. 
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