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Alphabet Detectives

Alphabet Detectives

Learning Goals: Literacy, Alphabet


Thank you to Sarah Kelly for this wonderful idea!

    • Read students the book Chika Chika Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault.
    • At the back of the book, place a letter addressed to the Kindergarten class that explains that some words have fallen out of the dictionary and they are recruiting Kindergarten detectives to use their AMAZING letter knowledge to find these words and return them to the dictionary.
    • Put students in groups of 2-4 and assign them a special letter. Each team will work together to find pictures of things hidden around the classroom that correspond to their group letter. Once they find a picture, they will document this item's name on their paper.
    • To close the lesson gather students on the carpet to show what words they found on their search and put them back into the dictionary.
    • Provide students with a Letter assignment from the "Detective Agency", clipboards, and pencils. 
    • Encourage students to explore which pictures or objects begin with their assigned letter by sounding the word out, and writing it on their clipboard. 
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