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Addition Grid

Addition Grid

Learning Goals: Addition, One-to-One Correspondence, Composing Numbers

    • Set tables up with blank grids or hundreds charts on table for students to use. In the middle, place two-sided counters and sheets of paper with addition questions have on them. 
    • Have students choose an addition card from the middle pile and solve using the counters. Encourage them to use one colour counter for the first number and the other colour for the second number.
    • Once both numbers are placed on grid, have them model counting out all counters to find the sum. 
    • This activity can also be played in partners with one student responsible for putting the counters down for the first number and the second student places the second counters down. Partners can then count what number they made with their counters together. 
    • As an extension: have students write down their math sentences on a sheet of paper after solving to record which problems they have solved. 
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