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Learning Goals: Literacy, Reading, Writing, Mutually-Directed Play, Addition, Subtraction, Writing, Financial Literacy, Vocabulary, Roles & Responsibilities

    • Introduce the students to the idea of creating a restaurant in their dramatic play centre.
    • As a class, discuss what students would find in a restaurant as well as brainstormed the features and materials needed to create their restaurant centre.
    • Guide students to use classroom resources and found materials to create menus, signs, and money.



    • Discuss various roles in the restaurant such as customers, servers, or chefs. Have students take on a certain role in their play.
    • Integrate literacy into the restaurant by supporting children in writing menus, signs, and receipts. Support students in referencing classroom resources, such as a word wall to identify common words, and the alphabet to help identify letter sounds.
    • Integrated math learning by helping students to pay for theor meals and calculate change.


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