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Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study

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Mario Castle

Collaborative Play

Learning Goals: Literacy, Writing, Mutually-Directed Play, Block Play

What did this class do?

  • The educator facilitated a discussion to help the class decide on what to build in their building centre. Based on student interests, they decided to build a Mario Castle.

  • The class brainstormed the materials they would need to create their structure.

  • The educator provided students with materials and supported them to work together to design, build, and revise their structure.

Suggested Resources:

  • Various blocks

  • Paper for signs

Other Ideas:

  • Have students create any structure based on their interests or community (i.e. skyscraper, apartment building, barn).

Why is it Collaborative Play?

  • The educator led a discussion to support the class in deciding what to build in their building centre. The act of constructing, reviewing, and revising the building was done by the students.

  • The children completely directed the play within the context that was established by the educator. After establishing the context, the educator was an unobtrusive observer.