Ice Inquiry

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Inquiry Play

Learning Goals: STEM, Scientific Process, Inquiry, Mutually-directed Play

What did this class do?

  • During the winter, the students were curious about the ice they found on their playground. They started to ask several questions about ice including: How is ice made? Why does ice melt?

  • In response, the educator launched an inquiry about ice.

  • First, the educator supported children’s exploration by setting out ice, string, salt/sand/sugar, and various containers for students to freely explore.

  • Next, the educator led a knowledge building circle to discuss students’ observations from their free exploration as well as their ideas about why ice melts. The educator facilitated discussion by asking prompting questions.

  • The educator also connected this inquiry with academic tasks, such as introducing standard and non-standard measurements to determine the size of ice pieces.

Suggested Resources:

  • Ice

  • String

  • Salt/sugar/sand

  • Containers

  • Books on ice/matter

Why is it Inquiry Play?

  • The students were originally curious about ice while playing outside and had many questions.

  • While the activity originated from students’ interests, the educator guided learning towards specific goals by providing provocations that focused on academic expectations.

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