Grocery Store

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Collaborative Play

Learning Goals: Literacy, Reading, Mutually-Directed Play


  • Together, the educator and students decided to create a classroom grocery store.

  • The educator helped the children to brainstorm the required materials by prompting students with guiding questions.

  • The educator provided students with classroom resources and found materials to help them create props for their grocery store.

  • The students worked together to create shopping baskets, signs and price tags.

  • Students took on various roles as customers/cashiers to collect and purchase groceries, create receipts, and pay for their food.

Suggested Resources:

  • Cardboard and string to create shopping baskets

  • Recyclable materials (empty egg cartons, milk cartons, cereal boxes, receipts, etc.)

  • Grocery store fliers

  • Toy cash register and coins

Why is it Collaborative Play?

  • Both the students and the educator collaboratively designed the play context.

  • The educator provided ideas and materials and the students used the materials to design the grocery store

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