Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Collaborative Play

Learning Goals: Literacy, Writing, Reading, Cooperation, Mutually-Directed Play

What did this class do?

  • Together, the educator and children turned a section of the classroom into an airport.

  • The educator and children discussed the features they would find in an airport and brainstormed a list of materials they needed to create an airport.

  • The educator provided the materials for the students to create the centre and the students created a check in desk, baggage drop off, security, and the inside of an airplane.

  • The children took on assigned roles (airport security, pilots, passengers) and created signs to help direct the passengers around the airport.

Suggested Resources:

  • Paper, cardboard, bins, chairs and tables

  • Toy cash register

  • Keyboard

  • World map

  • A selection of baggage

  • Toy phones

Why is it Collaborative Play?

  • The idea of an airport originated from the interests of the children and together the educator and the children came up with ideas about what should be included in the airport, how to build these structures, and in assigning roles.

  • Together, the educator and children created the airport and they both had an influence on the outcome of the play.

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