Flower Shop


The dramatic play centre is remodeled into a flower shop by the teacher.


  1. The teacher creates a flower shop in the classroom with artificial flowers, toy cash register as well as order forms for students to fill out.

  2. As a class, discuss the importance on the use of order forms as well as the role of a shopkeeper and their responsibilities. Some guiding questions for this process:
    - What is the role of a shopkeeper? How do they serve their customers
    - What would we need so that customers can communicate what they want to the shopkeeper accurately?

  3. The teacher explains the different components of the order forms (the flower type, flower colour, extras such as balloons and the total cost). The teacher models to the class how the forms are filled out by the customers.

  4. Students maintain control over some aspects of the play such as requesting flowers for an event of their choosing (ex. A picnic). Students can then play out the event with their flowers as a centerpiece.


Suggested Resources:

Various artificial flowers, toy cash register, tables and chairs, order forms to be filled out by the students

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