Literacy Games

Letter/ Word Bingo


The bingo game with a literary twist.



  1. Depending on the literacy instructional focus, bingo boards may be prepared with either alphabetic letters (either for letter recognition or letter-sound recognition) or with words.  These may be purchased or made.

  2. When implementing the game for the first time, the teacher should model game play (“When letter/letter sound/word is called out, find it on your game board and cover it with a bingo marker”) and explain to students the objective of the game (“You want to form a horizontal/vertical/diagonal line on your game board with your bingo markers”).

*This game may be played as a whole class where the teacher calls out the letters/letter sounds/words or played between students

Suggested Resources: Bingo markers, bingo boards

Fishing for Letters with a Magnetic Pole

Overview: A literacy game for letter and letter-sound knowledge.  



*“Fishing poles” and magnetic letters may be purchased or hand made with craft materials. *

  1. To make “fishing poles”: Trim wooden dowels to desired length. Glue a piece of magnet to the end of a piece of string and tie the other end to the wooden dowel. Cut out pieces of “fish” from paper and label each fish with a letter. Attach a paperclip to each “fish”.

  2. Students need to “fish” for specific letters that are asked for. The letters may be announced through naming the letter or pronouncing the letter sound.

Suggested resources: Magnetic fishing pole and letter-fish game set (wooden dowels, construction paper, glue, paper clips, string)

Matching Rhyming Words with a Word Dice


 A word rhyming game that focuses on developing children’s phonemic awareness.



  1. Preparation- Word dice and word cards should be prepared based on student abilities. For beginning readers, use pictures while for more advanced students use words.

  2. Lessons/discussions on rhyming should be done previously before proceeding with the game.

  3. The teacher provides an overview of the game for the students. The objective of the game is to find a word card from the deck that rhymes with the word on the die. The game may be played in small groups or individually with students.

  4. Students take turn rolling the die and picking the rhyming word from the word card deck.

Suggested Resources:  

Word dice (with words/pictures that have word family endings such as -at, -it, -ee, -ack etc.),

Word games on tablets


abc PocketPhonics, Eggy 100 HD

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