Post Office


The teacher may extend lessons on letter writing by including a post office in the classroom.


  1. Through class discussion or observations from a community walk to examine nearby postal boxes/post trucks, the class brainstorms different elements they would include in the class post office.

  2. Based on the class generated list, the teacher and students collaborate to create materials needed for the centre (i.e. signs, mail box).

  3. Students act as post office employees, customers etc. The teacher may include student-written letters or other authentic examples of mail (ex. Students’ family members may send letters to the class post office).

  4. The teacher facilitates students’ examinations of the different features of letters and mail. Some guiding questions may be:

  • “What do we include on the envelope of our mail?”

  • “What is the purpose of each feature?”

  • “How do we usually begin when we write our letters?”

Suggested Resources:

student-created signs, stamps, envelopes, paper for letter writing, postal box, mail bin for each student labeled with student names

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