Keyboard Exploration


Based on student expressed interest or topic of inquiry, the teacher provides materials of exploration.


  1. The teacher brings in old keyboards and tools for student to explore with. Children are encouraged to use the tools to take apart the keyboard.

  2. Students are encouraged to record their observations through drawings and labelling of parts.

  3. The teacher assists students in their learning by asking questions and sharing observations of what they did:
    - “What do you think this part of the keyboard does?”
    - “What do you see if you take out this cover?”
    - “I see that you used the screwdriver to open the back of the keyboard. Why did you choose that tool?”

  4. The teacher may facilitate student learning by:
    - Asking students to order the keys in alphabetical order
    - Discussing what keys are missing
    - Discussing the shapes of the keys
    - Discussing the total number of the keys present in a keyboard

Suggested resources:

Old keyboards, screwdrivers, paper and pencils for observations

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