Based on student expressed interest or an inquiry unit on planes, the teacher and students decide to create an airport centre.


  1. The teacher and students generate a list of materials needed to create an airport centre through a class discussion on the features of an airport. The teacher may pose questions such as:

    - “What do we usually find in a airport?”
    - “Who do we see in a airport? What do they usually use or carry with them?”
    - “What are some things that we would need for our airport to be functioning properly?”
    - “What materials would we need to make these components?”

  2. The teacher provide materials for students to create the centre.

  3. Students act as pilots, passengers, security, and flight attendants during their play

Suggested Resources:

materials to create object security scanner (i.e., table, cardboard, and bins), real life pictures (i.e., of security scanners, airports, and planes), toy cash register,  plane tickets, keyboard, student-created signs, a selection of baggage, toy cell phones, world map, materials to create tags for different roles (security, flight attendant, etc.), materials to create flags, materials to create a life-size plane (i.e., large paper, chairs set up two by two)

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