Haunted House


Based on student interest (ex. Halloween celebrations), the class work collaboratively to build a haunted house.


  1. The teacher provides a structure of the haunted house (ex. With plastic sheets and branches). The teacher provides opportunities for students to play within the space to decide the what elements of the haunted house are missing.

  2. As a class, generate a list of missing elements for the haunted house (i.e. signs, tickets, prices, spooky characters etc.).

  3. The teacher provides students with materials to create the missing elements. The newly created materials are then added to the haunted house.

Suggested Resources:
Materials to create signs, labels, money and tickets, (i.e., cardboard, paper, beans, macaroni, pencils and markers), price list, large tree branches held up by buckets filled with sand, black plastic sheet cut into frays, spider webs, strings of lights, blankets, materials to make spooky crafts (i.e., ghosts, Frankenstein, etc.)

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