A fun scavenger hunt activity that integrates literacy in students’ play. It can be modified to fit the topic of student interest or instruction.


  1. Based on student interest or topic of instruction, objects are hidden in the classroom. For example, for students who has expressed interest in dinosaurs, the teacher hid different dinosaur figurines around the classroom.

  2. Prepare clue cards that contain hints for the objects hidden (Ex. “find 5 dinosaur skulls hidden around the classroom).
    - The clue cards would require students to decode numbers, read the sentence and find the objects hidden in the classroom.

  3. Provide students with clue cards and a magnifying glass (optional).

  4. Assign one of the students as the “manager” of the game who is in charge of checking the students’ work for the correct quantity of the found objects.

  5. When implementing the game for the first time, the teacher should model for students how the game is played as well as the duty of the manager.

Suggested resources: Materials to create clue cards, magnifying glass (optional), and objects of the selected topic (ex. Dinosaur figurines)

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